You are the master

of your own life…

We become what we think about, it is time to focus on making possibilities our realities

Napoleon Hill once said that, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Through my coaching and training programmes I help my clients focus on removing their limiting beliefs which have left them feeling stuck and not enough.  I strongly believe that we are the masters of our own lives and all that we wish for, dream of, and want are waiting for us. All that you want and desire lies deep within you, it is my job to help you discover it.

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About me

I am a certified life coach/mentor and I have a burning passion to help and guide people to be the best version of themselves. I guide my clients on a path of forgiveness, self-discovery, self-worth, self-belief, self-care and self-love. I guide them on a path that will bring out all the beauty that they have locked up inside them. I am a life coach that wants my clients to stand tall and strong in the beautiful person that they are and it’s my passion to show you how to do this.


We are always searching for something and we never can fully grasp how to identify it. We get lost in our thoughts which usually are, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I couldn’t do that’, ‘No one likes me’, ‘I’m stupid’, ‘I’m afraid’, the list goes on and on.

We look outside ourselves to our environment and those around searching for acceptance, for love, for approval. Our support mechanisms may be disguised through our relationship with food, alcohol, drugs (prescription or non-prescription). But these are all plasters that are hiding what is really hurting deep within us. I say to you today all that you want and desire lies deep within you. You are your own doctor, you are your own healer, if you only tapped into those healing tools.

I have a variety of coaching programmes which can help you start to pave a different path, overcome the obstacles that have kept you stuck and begin to live the life you deserve.

Personal Coaching

One to one coaching allows the person to speak honestly and openly of what they are struggling with and what is holding them back in their lives and this is where I will guide and direct them on a new and purposeful path.

Career Coaching

If you’re stuck in a dead-end job or you are not working to your full potential and your lacking confidence and self-belief to make that move I will guide you and give you the tips and tools you need to shine in your profession.

Group Coaching

Schools, Workplaces and social settings

I run programs that are designed to help people within group settings I help them identify their limiting beliefs and how to mater them. I help them to develop a path that will heal their past and bring an new path into their lives.

Relationship Coaching

Let’s talk about couples. Do you still feel the butterflies? Do you listen to one another? Do you feel irritated by your significant other? Are you feeling unheard? Do you feel like you?
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I train life coaches in a program of truth, honesty and authenticity. I will direct and guide them through a program that will help clients identify what is holding them back.

The program will be a road map that will allow you to give your clients the tools and tips they need to leave the past in the past to keep focussed on their present and to start making a straight path for their future.

It will give you the tools to teach your clients that they are their own doctor and they can self-prescribe a medication of self love but they have to be disciplined in how they they take that prescription they must follow the directions giving by their life coach and when they do they will become the best version of themselves.

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What my Clients say

Mary is a natural born mentor, she has the gift of true empathy and loves helping others. She is very empathetic and has a strong spiritual connection. I know for a fact anyone who gets the honour of Mary’s coaching services will be transformed and will love their life.

Before I reached out to Mary I was at one of the lowest points in my life, I felt lost and knew something had to change and it had to come from within. When I contacted Mary she couldn't have been more understanding to how I was feeling. Since starting my sessions with Mary my life has changed so much, she has showed me the tools I need to live a life I am proud of. She has showed me how to love myself and in return by loving myself I want better for myself.
I will always be grateful for the knowledge she has shared with me to help me on the path to find my inner peace and to live my life authentically.

Mary has such a warm and caring nature about her and she really wants to see people succeed in life! She sees things in people they don't even see in themselves and I have experienced it first-hand because she has, and still does help me along on my journey! Mary always knows what to say and when to say it!

Mary has helped me so much and if it wasn’t for Mary I wouldn’t be here today. My whole mindset has changed since I started this journey. Mary has put me in the right path for a better life. For me, Mary is amazing at what she does, she is so so special and a gift from god in my eyes. You can see how much Mary is helping everyone that comes across her path so from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.


Mary’s coaching has helped me in ways I never thought were possible, Mary changed my life. Mary worked so hard with me on family issues, and how those issues with family completely changed me as a person. There was a breakdown in every part of my life. I had lost control of me. Mary give me the tools to leave the past in the past and take full control of my life. Mary give me such hope from the moment I met her. She made me look towards the future. I never imagined I would have so much positive energy from within. I am so much stronger, I believe in me, I believe that I am enough. I lost myself and Mary helped me find me again. Everyday I’m becoming the person I always dreamed I would be. Mary was made for this she will change people’s life’s just like she’s changed mine.


I was struggling to cope with a trauma in my life and so I decided to give “life coaching” a try. Nothing to lose and everything to gain...Best money I’ve spent on “me”.
I was able to very quickly open up to Mary and talk through issues I’ve never spoken outside my small circle before. I’ve learnt so much, grown so much. Mary has given me the tools I needed to be a strong independent woman. Thanks to Mary’s help, I no longer need approval from others to make a decision - I make my own with confidence and pride. I’ve now made peace with the trauma and learnt so much from it. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” which is where I am now. I cannot thank Mary enough and I’ll be forever grateful for her help.

Mary is truly gifted at listening and giving sound advice. If you feel a bit stuck and/or need a little helping hand/guidance - book a session with Mary. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

I've been working on myself a lot these last few months. My Arbonne business is amazing, the bunch of girls I work with are so supportive, the community is amazing and it is changing me for the better. But I am normal and I struggle with my self-confidence, my self-belief. I felt like something was holding me back and it was myself. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to grow not only in my business but more importantly grow as a person and get rid of everything that was holding me back. I got myself a Life Coach and I haven't looked back. Everything in my life is changing for the better in terms of self-discipline, self-belief, confidence, my business, and the way I look at things differently. I am so grateful that I came across Mary Keogh and with her help, I can take control of my life and become the person I've always wanted to be and achieve all that I want in life for me and my family. If you are stuck in life and dunno how or when you will get out of that place or simply just want to better yourself. I would suggest you follow Mary. I have loads of goals personally and for my business that I am going to make happen and your self-belief plays a massive part in your life. Its may take time but it's my journey.

Laura O'Neill

Do you need help to cope with stress resulting from challenges in your personal life? Do you lack self-belief & self-confidence to achieve your desired outcome? It can be all turned around as you will discover on your self-development journey with Mary Keogh. The secret is the power is within you. Mary will help you awaken your hidden strengths to make real change in your life if you are feeling overwhelmed. Mary will guide you & give you the tools to cope with anything. Mary helped me so much to discover new ways of thinking. This lady is amazing, she truly is an angel. So friendly, her down to earth non-judgmental approach is unbelievable when you’re feeling low & feel you have no place to go. Get in Touch with Mary, I promise you will never regret it your life will change for the better. Thank you, Mary, I will always bless the day our paths crossed. YOU CHANGED MY LIFE.

Suzanne O'Neill

Before I met Mary, who is now my life coach, I was constantly stressed and my unrelenting thoughts of 'is this all life has to offer'. I had reached rock bottom; my anxiety controlled my life. Mary encouraged me to see things from a different perspective, providing relevant information and tools in the form of study, meditation and videos that I have diligently used to help control my negative thinking. As I continue to make progress, I am learning to appreciate the accomplishments I have already acquired in life, thanks to this patient, understanding lady. I constantly refer to Mary's 'I CAN' and 'I WILL' mantra when I feel a bit anxious. Changing my self-image is a work in progress but thanks to my Professional Coach, I'm well on my way to becoming the best version of myself. Thank you, Mary.

Mary McCartney

Mary is a fantastic life coach. I recently joined Mary’s Group on Facebook called “Stepping into a New You.” She is very uplifting and positive and thanks to the support and tools Mary had given me, I was able to move forward in life. My results are that i’m a lot happier and so much more confident, less anxious and no longer giving into procrastination. I honestly can’t recommend her enough.
Most importantly I learnt this ...Mary’s famous line.....I can and I will


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